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About Me
Hi! I'm Emily and I am a driven software engineer in-training with a unique background in psychology. I have a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Social Science, where I honed my knowledge and skills in attachment theory, especially in non-conventional environments like the workplace and school. Initially, I had plans to continue my education and obtain a PhD in Clinical Psychology, however, due to various reasons, my career path changed.

After graduation, I took a year to reflect and explore other career options. During this time, I attended a short coding boot camp which reignited my passion for technology. I was inspired by my friends in the field and my newfound skills, leading me to pursue a career in software engineering.

As a lifelong learner, I am constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and understanding of the intersection of my varied interests. My goal is to build a website from scratch and share my journey with others who share a similar interest. In addition to discussing topics related to software engineering and building my portfolio, I aim to use my platform to connect with others and provide a space for learning and growth.

Writing has always been a crucial part of my understanding and processing of the world, and building a website and blog is a perfect outlet for me to document my journey and share my knowledge and experiences. I have a strong passion for both psychology and software engineering and I am eager to continue exploring and growing in these fields. Ultimately, I am doing this for myself, to build, learn and document my journey.
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